🖥️What is Rasgo?

Rasgo is an AI-powered Copilot for your Data Warehouse.

Why Rasgo?

  1. Natural Language Interface - ask your question in natural language, and Rasgo's AI Agent will use its available functions to intelligently query and analyze your data

  2. Your Data Stays in your Data Warehouse - Rasgo handles translating the metadata from your data warehouse into a format that Large Language Models can understand

  3. Create Specialized AI Agents - Using the Rasgo platform, you can create specific AI Agents that are trained on a certain business domain with special instructions to help you accomplish tasks

Get Started

We have a wait list for design partners at this time, but we'd love to work with you! Please contact jared@rasgoml.com and we will be in touch about setting up a POC.

Data Warehouse Support

Currently Rasgo only works with Snowflake and BigQuery, but we are planning support for other data warehouses soon:

Data WarehouseSupported?





Delta Lake




For regular databases, you can use our other product, Chat Ur Data.

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