What does Rasgo do with my data?

Rasgo believes that customer and partner data is just that: your data.

Rasgo maintains a split between physical data and metadata. The Rasgo API handles metadata and does not ingest your data for any reason. Your physical data will be stored in your data warehouse account tied to Rasgo.

What this means for:

Enterprise Customers: BYO-DB

Rasgo can be configured to run on your existing data warehouse account (or a new one can be created). This account will be fully dedicated to you. Rasgo will run with restricted permissions to protect the privacy of any non-Rasgo data in a multi-tenant warehouse.

Community (Free-Tier) Customers:

A Community Snowflake account is provided when you sign up for Rasgo. Your data will be private to you, virtually separated by database, schema and role-based security.

Rasgo will never ask Data Scientists to sign up for crazy provisions making your data ours in exchange for a free trial. But we do encourage you to exercise proper caution and follow best practices about which data is safe to upload to external data warehouses.

Rasgo's guarantee is that we will take your data privacy seriously. We are happy to answer questions for teams who need a feature store for high-security environments.

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