Connect Rasgo to your Data

Rasgo allows you to bring your own Data Warehouse and runs all compute inside your warehouse so that data never leaves your account. To connect Rasgo to your data, follow these steps:

1. Set up a service account for Rasgo to use

In order for Rasgo to run queries in your data warehouse, it needs service account credentials.
Rasgo also supports individual user credentials on our enterprise plan. Please reach out to us to configure Rasgo this way.
The data warehouse integration guides will walk you through setting up this service account:

2. Import tables

Once, connected, tables and views in your warehouse can be registered in Rasgo by clicking on the settings icon and clicking "Import Data".
Settings Menu -> Import Data
The import data guide will show the tables that Rasgo has access to so that you can import them to Rasgo in one click.
Importing tables to Rasgo means registering their metadata with the Rasgo API. Rasgo does not ingest any raw data as part of this process (or ever).