Admin Settings

Admin users can change settings for their Rasgo account, which will affect all other users in it.

If you are a Rasgo admin user, you will see the role "ADMIN" under your user icon.

Data Warehouse Configuration

Changing these settings will impact all users in your Rasgo account

Service Account Connection

Under Data Connections > Data Warehouse, click "Manage" to open a modal to change the credentials of your Service Account.

Clicking "Update Credentials" will attempt to connect to your Data Warehouse and then save these connection details.

DataWarehouse OAuth

Under Authentication Protocol > OAuth Configuration, click "Configure" to open a modal to change your OAuth settings.

In this modal, you can toggle OAuth on/off as the default connection method for users in your account and enter client secrets to connect.

File Export Configuration

Rasgo supports exporting query results to a Cloud Storage bucket as csv files. Users can then access and download the files via secure links in Rasgo. Users must authenticate with Rasgo before exporting and accessing downloaded files, which enforces your Data Warehouse access permissions.

Rasgo offers 3 configuration options:

  1. Rasgo-Managed: use our private cloud storage free of charge

  2. Customer-Managed: use your own cloud storage location

  3. Disabled: do not let users export data

Rasgo-Managed storage is the default option for Enterprise accounts. Downloads are disabled by default for all other account types.

To configure your file export location, click "Configure" then select an option for your account:

For information on how to set up a Snowflake Stage or Google Cloud bucket, see our Data Warehouse Integration docs:



LLM Configuration

Coming soon...

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