What are they?

Reports are AI-generated analyses that run and interpret the results of n number of queries. The analysis is presented in slide format and can be downloaded as a Powerpoint.

How do I make one?

To make a report, click 'Add to Report' on the top right of any chat conversation. Make sure the queries you want to add to the report are already part of your conversation.

Next, you'll select which queries in that chat conversation you want to add to the report.

Choose the queries that best represent the data you want Rasgo AI to analyze.

Click Next, then choose to make a new report or add the queries to an existing report.

In the 'WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ANALYZE?' box, tell AI what you want it to analyze from the data when generating your report.

It will not generate any new SQL queries so make sure the queries it needs to conduct the analysis are already included.

Then click 'Create Report'.

Example Report

Your Report will run and then once it's ready you can get to it on the Reports page. You can flip through the slides of your report or download as Powerpoint.

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