Load a Rasgo DataSource into a pandas DataFrame


id:int:ID of Rasgo DataSource to return

filters:dict: (Optional)SQL filters to apply to model data

limit:int: (Optional)Number of records to return

Return Object

pandas DataFrame

Sample Usage

Return an entire source without filters

rasgo = pyrasgo.connect(api_key)

df = pd.DataFrame
df =

Return a source with filtered results

df =, 

Best Practices / Tips

NOTE: Filter syntax is a pyton dictionary: { k : v } Where: k= field to apply filter to v= valid ANSI sql logic

Supported SQL Filters are:

  • ">" Greater than

  • "<" Less than

  • ">=" Greater than or eqaul to

  • "<=" Less than or equal to

  • "<>" or "!=" Does not equal

  • "IN (x,y,z)" In (list)

  • "BETWEEN x AND y" Between 2 values

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