Additional Features

Here's a quick rundown of other Rasgo Features:

  • Verified Queries

    • Save verified SQL in Rasgo on the Verified Queries page for queries that you want AI to run the same way each time

    • Verified Queries show up on the chat screen when you're starting a conversation and can be sent to Rasgo AI by selecting one and sending a message

  • Scheduled Chats

    • Schedule chats to Rasgo AI for the recurring analyses you want

    • Scheduled chats pair best with a request to Rasgo AI to send you an e-mail with the results, so you don't have to login

  • Templates

    • Templates are instructions to Rasgo AI for how to do a complex data task that requires user input

    • When the user selects a template, Rasgo AI will walk through asking them for the necessary input and then accomplishing the task

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