Make your own Transform

Rasgo uses the Jinja2 templating engine and SQL in transform templates.

1. Create your own Transform template

template = """
SELECT {{ group_by | join(', ') }},
listagg({{ 'distinct ' if distinct else ''}} {{agg_column}}, '{{sep}}')
WITHIN group (order by {{agg_column}} {{order}}) as {{agg_column}}_listagg
FROM {{ source_table }}
GROUP BY {{ group_by | join(', ') }}

{{ source_table }} is a required argument in every template, and Rasgo's API will always compile it to the fully-qualified table name (FQTN) of the dataset that the transform is called on.

2. Publish your Transform template

# Create a new user-defined transform
new_transform = rasgo.create.transform(name="aggregate_string",

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