AI Manager

AI Manager is how you teach Rasgo AI about your data. AI Manager consists of Notes, with other components coming soon.


Notes are natural language instructions for the AI agent.
AI Manager - Notes Screen
Here are some example scenarios where you may want to create a note:

Explaining an Acronym

Does your organization have a pressing need to abbreviate everything? You're not alone, but this can be confusing for AI. Use Notes to teach AI your acronyms, i.e.:
CACP means Customer Acquisition Cost Payback and is calculated as Sales & Marketing Expenses in Period / (Net New MRR Acquired in Period * Gross Margin)

Directing AI to Choose the Right Table

Do you have tables that look very similar for different business units? You can teach AI which table to use in which scenario with a note, i.e.:
The table prefix "ABC" refers to our alcohol business unit, and "DEF" refers to our diesel fuel business unit