pyRasgo Methods

Return a Class Object

collection = rasgo.get.collection(id)

Class Methods

  • add_attributes(attributes: List[dict]): Adds free-form key-value pairs to a Collection as attributes

  • add_feature(feature: Rasgo Feature): Adds a Feature to a Collection

  • add_features(features: List[Rasgo Feature]): Add multiple Features to a Collection

  • generate_training_data(): Triggers a SQL re-build of the Collection view or table

  • get_compatible_features(): Returns a list of features that are joinable to this Collection based on its granularity

  • read_into_df(): Reads physical data into a pandas DataFrame

  • rename(new_name: str): Renames the Collection "name" attribute

  • share(share: bool): Sets a Collection to shared or unshared, allowing other users to view it

Sample Usage

collection = rasgo.get.collection(id)
collection.rename('My New Collection Name')

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