pyRasgo Properties


  • id: int: unique Rasgo identifier

  • name: str: Display name of the Feature

  • **dataType: **enum: A Rasgo Data Type

  • description: str: A free-form text block describing the feature

  • dataSourceId: int: Reference to a Rasgo DataSource

  • organizationId: int: Reference to a Rasgo Organization

Additional Properties

  • attributes: dict: Free-form key: value pairs

  • columnName: str: Name of column in the source table

  • dimensions: List[str]: List of dimensions that give the feature granularity

  • displayName: str: Name of the column that will display in Rasgo WebApp

  • granularities: List[str]: List of grains that define the feature's shape

  • sourceTable: str: Name of source table in Snowflake

  • status: str: "Production" or "Sandbox"

  • tags: List[str]: A free-form text tag used for filtering

Sample Usage

feature = rasgo.get.feature(id)

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