8. Pull Training Data to Notebook

Rasgo makes it easy for you to pull the final collection into a Python pandas dataframe to allow you to use the data in the rest of your tools. For any collection you want to pull into pandas, Start on that collection’s collection page in the app.

1.Click Access Data

2. If training data has not already been generated or you have made a change to your collection (e.g. added/removed a feature or transformation), you will need to generate training data. Click Generate Training Data, otherwise go on to step 3.

3. Click the Python Get Code button and copy that code into a python script or Jupyter notebook and run to pull this data down.

Otherwise, once the data has been generated, you can grab your API Key in the upper right corner

and the collection id under the collection name here.

To pull the data by setting

api_key = '<Your Copied API key>'


collection_id = <Copied Collection ID>

Then run.

rasgo = pyrasgo.connect(api_key) df = pd.DataFrame df = rasgo.read.collection_data(collection_id=collection_id)

You can now work with the data in the dataframe df just like any other pandas dataframes!\

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