3. Feature Profile (UI)

Review of the information stored in Rasgo Data Source profiles, viewed through the Rasgo UI.

For any feature in Rasgo, quickly explore your data by clicking on "Details".

Within the feature card in Rasgo.

This will bring up the feature profile

The top of this page shows an overview of the data including a histogram. The orange bars on the histogram highlight the outliers found by Rasgo.

If the feature has a datetime dimension, a plot of the feature over time (data drift) will be below the histogram.

Standard statistics can be found under the Statistics tab.

In addition to the standard statistics, you can check the data quality of this feature. The Data Quality tab shows the total number of observations, missing values, and null values for this feature.

The Extreme Values tab allows you to see the largest and smallest values of the feature.

And the Common Values tab shows the most frequent values for this feature.

From this page you can quickly explore your column of data to identify key summary statistics such as mean, median, percentiles and other common statistics along with the feature’s data quality.\

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