Global Search (UI)

Search for any Rasgo activity, from anywhere in the UI

A core function of Rasgo is the acceleration of data search and discovery. To assist in these goals, Rasgo has added global search functionality that spans all of our primitives to bring you the most pertinent data for any search term. Let's say I want to find anything that I've created or mentions me in the product:

As you can see, using the global search bar in the top right has taken me to a new screen - the results from a site-wide search for my term. I can filter the responses by the type of primitive I'm interested in.

Clicking on a response will take me directly to the primitive page. I.e., a Collection would take me to the Collection explore page, a Data Source to the Data Source details, or a Feature to the Feature details (links below).

page2. Data Source Profile (UI)page3. Feature Profile (UI)page5. Transforming data inside of a Collection (UI)

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