Explore Rasgo (UI)

Exploring metadata stored in Rasgo's web UI

A core function of the Rasgo experience is easily navigating large swaths of your data warehouse that would have previously been invisible to you. To make this simple, Rasgo has created a single page from which to explore your Data Sources, Dimensions, tags, and data types.

From the home page, select the "Explore" section on the left toolbar. This will take you to the page shown above. From this page, you can search for data by Data Source name, Dimension type, Data Source or Feature tags, or Feature data types. Searching in the highlighted red box will narrow the number of Data Sources shown to you on the main tile of the page.

As you can see in the screenshot above, filtering on the left bar will focus in on only those Data Sources that are applicable to your search. This should help accelerate your data discovery process.

To clear your active filters, press the "Clear Filters" button next to a large "X" in the top-left of this screen, directly under "Explore".

Additionally, you can clear filters, toggle a table view or lineage view, and select sorting options in the top right of the Explore page:

Clicking into a Data Source will let you explore the individual source by viewing individual features or exploring the full Data Source. The Feature page takes you to the Feature Profile, while expanding the Data Source page takes you to the Publish Features and Data Source Profile experience (linked below).

page1. Publish Features (UI)page2. Data Source Profile (UI)page3. Feature Profile (UI)

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