Data Onboarding with Snowflake

_Please see the accompanying demonstration video, _linked here.

Rasgo makes it easy to import data from tables that exist in your organization’s Snowflake instance. Within Rasgo, you can create sources from tables from databases stored in snowflake. To do this, click Create Source in the upper right of the app.

And select Browse Tables under Snowflake

You can now see the databases available to you

Click on the database that contains the data you want to add to Rasgo as a source

Navigate to the schema that contains the data you’d like to add

You will see a list of tables that you can add as sources

Select the table you’d like to add and click Import Source

Once the source has been created, you can close the Import Source window and select the source from the list of sources

The source profile is now shown

And you can set data types, correct data quality issues and publish features just as you did when creating a source from a CSV file here.\

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