What is a Metric?

A metric is a SQL expression of business logic. It indicates how to perform a timeseries aggregation in order to calculate a KPI using a dataset. By creating metrics in Rasgo, you can standardize the logic of how to calculate KPIs for your organization.
Rasgo metrics are directly compatible with dbt metrics, and are exported to dbt via our dbt integration.

Creating Metrics

To create metrics, open a published dataset and click "Create Metrics":
Metrics can only be created on published datasets.
This will open the "Manage Metrics" menu where you can provide the metadata necessary to create one or more metrics. Here are the properties captured in Manage Metrics:
Time Dimension
The datetime index column of the dataset
One or more dimension columns in the dataset
Column to aggregate to calculate the metric
Aggregation method to calculate the metric
Human-readable label for the metric
Description of how the metric is calculated

Using Metrics

Metrics unlock multiple experiences in Rasgo:

Metric Spark Lines

Once published, recent metric values are automatically cached in your data warehouse and used for sparklines on the Rasgo home page:

Metric Profiles

The Metric profile is a dedicated page for exploring metric information and metric values with simple drill down and filtering.

Metrics in Insights

More exciting news coming soon on this! Stay Tuned