The Home workspace is a place to browse, search, and categorize datasets and metrics.

Open Canvas

Once you have selected a dataset, you can click the Open button to launch the Canvas page, where you can transform the data and add insights.

Create Dataset

You can also start building a dataset from scratch, by clicking Create Dataset in the top right. This will let you import new tables from your connected database, or upload csv files in the Community Edition.

Other Information

Type in keywords to search the data catalog for datasets


There is a filter bar that supports various filters: Author, Status, Database, Creation Date, and Category.
Category is a custom field that you can use to organize your datasets.


When you click on a dataset, the right-side of the screen displays all upstream and downstream lineage. Underneath the lineage viewer, you can browse the parents, children, and the column (feature) names within the selected dataset.
The ellipses button (...) offers you some quick links. For example, to immediately launch into the canvas to start transforming data, you can click (...) Transform.
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